17 Jaw-Dropping Romance Novel Covers

From florals to pastels, hand-painted to digitally-drawn – romance novel cover art has almost everything you can imagine. While we may love romance novels however they appear, even we can admit that sometimes the cover art doesn’t quite work out the way it was intended. Let’s hope the readers didn’t judge these books by their covers!

17. The 80’s Called…

A Happily Unmarried Man
This is exactly why following trends doesn’t always work out well in the long run.


16. A What?

An Impetuoys Abduction
When good titles get bad fonts.


15. That Poor Model.

Baby Bonanza
Not only does this cover not invoke any kind of romance whatsoever, but that poor guy clearly has no idea what he’s doing. Also – Billionaires and Babies, really?


14. Shouldn’t That Hurt?

Spellbound in Seattle
“Add some electricity – the hair isn’t big enough yet!”


13. Is That a Lynx?

Heart Mate
Seriously, that outerspace cat is huge.


12. The Love “Potion”

The Love Potion
Aren’t those just jellybeans?


11. That Hair!

The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton
Forget about her amorous education – what kind of shampoo does she use to get that kind of volume?


10. That Doesn’t Look Healthy

Sensual Confessions
Why are they turquoise? Are they underwater?


9. “Magic” Embrace

Magic Embrace
She doesn’t look too sure about this guy…


8. Too Far

Deliciously Wicked by Robyn DeHart
Okay – Either he’s freakishly tall or she has great balance while crouching down.


7. Hold On!

Reckless Desire
That grip of his is concerning. It doesn’t seem tight enough given the fact that she’s falling off the horse.


6. Big Bad Dragon

Dark Embers
Oh my, what a big -buckle- you have! No seriously though, that belt buckle is huge.


5. What Do You Mean?

Pleasure Me
1. subtle: (adj) not immediately obvious or comprehensible
2. Where is that red satin fabric coming from? Is it her dress? A sheet?


4. Too Close for Comfort

Allegheny Ecstasy
They are way too close to that fire. 


3. That’s a What?

The Duke and the Pirate Queen
If cover art is going to feature photoshopped tattoos, please make them obvious. Otherwise, the poor woman just looks like she’s terrible at shaving her legs.


2. Are You Sure?

The Very Virile Viking
“Virile Viking? Where!? Me?” He looks more terrified than tough.


1. Is That a Thong?

Defying Pack Law
1. Is he wearing a thong to match hers?
2. Why isn’t he tan like the other two?



A classic – this artist got a little heavy-“handed” with the limbs!

Castles in the Air