Romance Novel Reviews – Roundup #2 – Week of May 17th, 2015

Behind the Mask by Carolyn Crane

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Review Excerpt:Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.31.08 PM

“With nearly everyone around her dead, Zelda realizes she is possibly looking at Kabakas, a violent guerrilla she hunted for years when she was a field operative for the CIA. At this point, she has no choice but to trust him.

…Moving at a breakneck pace, Behind the Mask is packed with intense action and truly creepy bad guys. I vacillated between needing to find out what happened next and needing to look at pictures of fuzzy kittens to lower my blood pressure. By the time the ending came I was exhausted and emotionally wrung out, in the best possible way.

Current Price – $3.99
Length – 337 pages
Genre – Romantic Suspense

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The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford

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Review Excerpt:

“This book feels like a Hitchcock movie–Dana’s husband, Celia’s husband, and even the neighbors all seem sinister and potentially guilty. Dana’s world gets even more unsettled when she discovers Celia’s number stored on her husband’s cellphone. Peter claimed not to know Celia, only having seen her in passing, but according to his phone he called her several times.

Dana’s illness is always pressing in on the edges of the text, making the reader acutely feel the clock counting down. It added a wonderful sense of urgency to the book. Even as she gets progressively less coherent by the end of the book, her thoughts, while scattered and fantastic, make sense to the reader.

Adding balance, half the text is told from the point of view of Jack Moss, the detective assigned to Celia’s case. We get to view Dana’s world from an outsider looking in, and it kept the novel from feeling too dreamy or detached.

Current Price – $9.99
Length – 320 pages
Genre – Mystery and Suspense

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The Unlikely Lady by Valerie Bowman

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Review Excerpt:

“Jane Lowndes is a fantastic heroine.  She is  self proclaimed wallflower, a witty maiden who wants nothing more than a good book in one hand and a yummy plate of teacakes in the other.  Jane aspires to be a chosen spinster a blue-stocking woman who shall never marry for all of her drive and passions run purely on the intellectual spectrum.  Jane is also blind as a bat without her spectacles- a handicap  that sparks the quirkiest trouble of time!  Tears. I laughed real tears at Jane’s vision impaired antics.

…The characters are all full of agendas and everyone has an ulterior motive.  Jane’s best friends conspire to nudge (more like double-handed, full palm shove) Upton and Jane together after their chemistry can no longer be denied.  I adored watching their little scheme unfold.

…A full length novel, rich story and impeccable comedic timing, I didn’t want to leave this delightful little world.  The resolution was a little fast- I confess some mild head scratching- however, the hurried last bits were immediately forgivable as it wholly fit the frenzy and impulsive decision-making that the characters engaged in throughout the novel.”

Current Price – $7.99
Length – 350 pages
Genre – Historical Romance

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Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven

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Review Excerpt:

“We saw the beginning of Ethan and Cassie’s story in Bad Romeo — where they met in drama school and had this intense connection that pulled them together. After a tumultuous on-and-off (but always in love) relationship, he finally broke her heart for the last time and they were separated for years.

…This story made my heart race!!!! I could just feel in every single scene how much these two people were meant for each other. They had this connection, this pull, this undeniable chemistry that drew them to each other over and over again. It just rolled off the page. I felt it. From the first page to the last.

Current Price – $7.99
Length – 336 pages
Genre – Contemporary Romance

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